How To Pack Fine Art and Antiques When Moving Home?

Human beings are very sentimental when it comes to historical belongings. Heirlooms and antiques have a lot of cultural and historical value. The damage to other valuables is not as disappointing as damaged antiques and artworks during Sydney removalists

The safest bet for such an event is to hire affordable antique removals. They have years of experience in handling the removal of all kinds of antiques. If you don’t want to spend extra money on packing services, you can pack the antiques yourself. 

Packing your antiques the right way can make or break (literally!) your valuable collectibles. When you know the appropriate packing techniques, your valuables will be in pristine condition on your arrival. 

Packing Artworks in Sydney Removals 

Paintings add life to your home. If you want to bring the feeling of home with you, packing your artwork well is very important. You have to make sure the painting’s surface is secure during to move to new city

For starters, get ready for some shopping! Here are the things you need to keep your paintings in a premium condition:

  • Painter’s tape 
  • Dust sheet 
  • Bubble wrap/glassine 
  • Artwork box 
  1. Find strong boxes that can carry artwork and mirrors. Telescope boxes work wondets for this purpose as they are great for rectangular, flat objects. It is especially suitable for large artwork. If the artwork is even larger, crates are also an option. 
  2. Glassine is the best for artwork because of how resistant it is. It protects against water, grease and air so the surface of your painting will remain in the best condition during the move. 
  3. After tapping the glassine to your mirrors and artwork, these should be secured with two layers of bubble wrap. 
  4. Protect the painting corners with Styrofoam or cardboard corner protectors. 
  5. Additionally, you can add extra protection with a blanket. 

Another tip is to place the artwork upright instead of flat on the truck floor. The paintings should be back to back to each other according to removalists in Sydney

Antiques and Collectibles 

Now for the most sentimentally valuable items- the family relics! Because of how irreplaceable these items are, they need the most care and technique. It takes years for professional antique removalists in  Sydney to master the art of safe antique packing.

But don’t worry! We have brought to you the techniques and advice of these specialists for the best results. Here is what you have to do:

  1. Since antiques are especially valuable, it is wise to make an inventory. Take photos, notes and document everything properly
  2. Heavy antique items should be handled with extra care to prevent scratches. Ask your local affordable antique removals to help lift the items. Find out the true value of your collectibles, ensure that you have insurance to cover the damage
  3. Disassemble the bigger antiques carefully with the help of antique removalists. Wrap these up in bubble wrap and secure them with protective tape
  4. Secure further by taping with blankets 
  5. Place the antique item in a strong cardboard box or a wooden crate, it is essential during transportation 
  6. During unloading, a whole team of affordable removalists Sydney should help lift the antiques so that you don’t end up breaking them at the end of the journey. 

The After Work 

Once your precious antiques have survived the transportation, make sure that all the items are in place. Use your photos and the inventory. This is important because if something is missing, you should report it to your best removal company in Sydney. In the worst-case scenario, insurance is there to help you. 

But the most important factor of them all is to choose reliable antique removal company in Sydney. Your packing is of little use with untrustworthy removalists who do not care about your valuables.